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Somatic Wellness Massage Therapy is a body mind wellness center promoting health and well being, located in Morgantown, WV. We offer custom massages and all-natural Lemongrass Spa skin care and cosmetic products. Our focus is to help your body heal itself and to help you achieve your wellness goals. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with an exceptional level of massage and wellness services. We want your massage experience to be unique to your body specifically addressing your needs. Every client receives a custom massage to accomplish the greatest benefit.




The benefits of massage are many. Most notably massage is helpful with stress reduction, relaxation, sore or painful muscles, and detoxification.


Experience the many therapeutic benefits of a Custom Massage at Somatic Wellness Massage Therapy.


Our detoxifying massage can include effective techniques such as dry-brushing, manual lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage.


Create your own customized massage package for two. Our massage protocols are performed in our couples room where you and a loved one can lay side-by-side sharing the health benefits of massage.


Massage, Infra-Red Biomats, warm towels, aromatherapy,  all promote relaxation by helping the body to lower stress hormones. By allowing your body to enter into a calm meditative state, breathing becomes slower, deeper, and more regular. Muscle tension is lessened permitting you to discover a sense of calm and tranquility throughout your body and mind.



Get the most out of your detox cleanse regimen. Massage, dry-brushing, manual lymphatic drainage massage all work together to help intensify your detox efforts. Lose weight, off-load harmful pollutants, enhance your immune system, and restore balance to your body’s systems when you experience any of these treatments or the complete wellness package.

Pain Reduction

Soothe muscles aches and joint pain with therapeutic massage, Infra-Red Biomat therapy, Active Isolated Stretching protocols from Aaron Mattes. Massage is an often sought after treatment for pain. When combined with infrared heat on the massage table, the added bonus is a reduction in inflammation, often the cause of joint and muscle pain. 


Enhanced Energy

Most of us want to feel more energized and less sluggish during our day. Did you know when your activity level improves your sleep quality also increases? A well-rested body is the key to optimal well being. Massage and Infra-Red Biomat therapy are effective at helping your body feel more energized.

News & Current Specials

In with the new – We’ve freshened up our location this Spring and revised our services a bit.  Come see us soon!

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